Brighton Tennis Club  Tournament Times 2012 Updates:

Our September 15th final tournament of 2012 was a big success. Sincere THANKS go out to Karl and Marianne who got all the rain off the courts and organized everything before the rest of us even showed up!  Check out these photos of the fun....


Let the games begin...

 OMG! Did you see that shot?

 ....And in the BLUE Corner...


 The best results of the day went to these two.  Look at them...they know they're good!

 More winners.  Dennis managed to get Agassi on our courts.


 More great prizes. Anu is smiling because she chose something in a plain brown wrapper.

 Karl was crunching the numbers.  No one else seemed concerned.


A good time was had by all.  Who wouldn't want to play in Brighton?!



August 2, 2012:  Men.... We're planning a tournament for Wednesday, August 15, 2012.   Mark your calendars now so that you will be sure to join us then.

July 31, 2012:  Last Tuesday evening a lively bunch of ladies assembled for a lively tournament.  Thanks go out to Alyson for organizing the snacks (very important) and the matches (just as important).  Have a look at a few photos from the event:

We're all happy together (for now.... wait until the competition starts)




Time to get serious and play- Alyson is getting us organized




 Our Tournament Winners!



June Notice: Ladies.... We're planning a fun tournament for Tuesday, July 24 2012.  Raindate July 26.  Mark your calendars now so that you will be sure to join us then.

May Notice:  Our first tournament of 2012 has been set for Saturday, May 26, 2012 from 9:00am until Noon.  Rain date is Sunday, May 27 from Noon until 3:00. This is our annual Meet and Greet tournament for new and returning members.  Plan to arrive 15 minutes before start time so that we can set the teams and you can warm up and be ready for the fun! 

 Scroll down through this page to see photos from our 2011 tournament season.

 We had loads of sunshine and enthusiastic competitors for final tournament of the season, held on September 10, 2011.    


Karl patiently announced the teams and matches. Some of us paid attention.

This is either serving at its finest, or some form of martial arts...



Marianne can smile and focus at the same time!

Did these people come for the tennis-- or the muffins?  (Note the lovely tablecloth)



Nice netiquette



Three of our high percentage players look pleased with their prizes




Congratulations to our top three players for the tournament. (As of September 10, Ron's ranking has been elevated to 'NR'.) 


Check out this gang of happy tennis players. What a fun morning - THANKS to our tireless organizers and all of the good-sport participants.



Our thanks go out to Marianne and Alyson for cheerfully organizing everything for our tournaments.

Previous Tournaments:  Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page to see all the photos.

The Men's Tournament was held on July 6th this year...






Below are some pictures, thanks to sports photographer Gillian, of the Ladies Tournament, held June 14, 2011.  That day the ladies gathered for another lively tournament filled with long rallies, smokin' serves, and the occasional ball over the fence - Oh yes, and snacks and prizes. 

Thanks to Dennis, below the Ladies Tournament pictures, you'll see a few shots from the May 28, 2011 Meet and Greet Tournament....



Stepping in to it- Look out!


Serving it up....



Snack time


Smiling on the sidelines


The Meet and Greet Gang  -  May 28, 2011