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Brighton Tennis Club Latest News for 2013


October 26, 2013: Thanks to Marianne we now have photos to share from our Annual General Meeting and year end party at Gary's place.  Click here to see evidence of the fun!

September 18, 2013: The date for our Year End Party and AGM is fast approaching.  It's always a fun way to wrap up our season.  Follow this link to get the details and be sure to RSVP to Alyson.

September 17, 2013: As promised, there are lots (6 pages) of photos showing the good times we had at our final tournament of 2013.  Click here to link to the photo pages. You will notice our winners with a great assortment of coveted items.  We are grateful to our prize providers: OTA, Mrs B's, Hillcrest Animal Hospital, The Blue House, Marie (Nestle) and Anu for adding even more interest to our matches through their generous donations. 

September 15, 2013: We had the best ever Final Tournament for the Season yesterday according to all in attendance.  With matches happening throughout the morning and afternoon and the sun shining upon us our tennis spirits were lively and laughing.  Karl and Marianne were even more dedicated than usual in having the matches set up, prizes ready and snacks in abundance for both the morning and afternoon crowd.  We owe much gratitude to them both for cheerfully taking on tennis for the whole long day.  We've got lots of fun photos to remember the event by which will be posted within the next few days.  (The plan is to have a block of time to go through them by Wednesday, September 18.  Check back on this website to see them.)

Thanks also to Sally for opening up her back yard and to Gord for being fire keeper/ D.J. so that we could just keep on enjoying the day, even after the tournament was over. 

August 24, 2013: Let there be LIGHT!  We are pleased to finally have our lights coming on (and staying on!) after a lengthy battle with replacements and re-replacements.  We owe Dennis a big bunch of gratitude for his tenaciousness in getting our lights back to pre-hurricane Sandy standards.  Over a period of months, he met with contractors on the courts, measured light levels and stuck to his guns about wattage.  It's great timing to have the lighting working again as we are starting to notice the shortened daylight hours.  Now there's no excuse for missing those evening club times. 

July 27, 2013: Have you noticed?  We now have new nets.  There won't be anymore serves or shots finding their way through the top of the netting.  Everything will have to actually be hit above the tape!  Thanks to Gordon for making the trip (several times) to Toronto to get the nets and to Gord, again, and Sally for spending considerable time on a Saturday morning setting the nets up.

July 17, 2013: Everyone was in great spirits for our Ladies Tournament last evening. Thanks to Marianne for organizing the matches and scoring and to Alyson for arranging refreshments and prizes.  Click here to see fun photos of the event.

Men: Plans are in the works for a tournament for you, too- in August.  An email will be sent out well in advance of the date.

July 6, 2013: Another schedule update:  As indicated on the June 26th posting below, Thursday evenings are now for Members Mixed Doubles, since our highly successful clinics with Coach Gary are over.

Apparently our juniors also had a great set of lessons too, thanks to Jon who has arranged to continue lessons for the juniors throughout July.  This means that the courts will still be in use on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. We're pleased that we have such a motivated group of young people within our Brighton Club.

June 27, 2013: Brighton Tennis Club members are OTA members.  One of the benefits of OTA membership is a discount on Roger's Cup tickets.  Follow this link to see how you can get in on this offer.

June 26, 2013: More court time is opening up on our schedule.  After this weekend Junior Lessons will be all wrapped up, so Friday evenings and Saturday mornings will be available for anyone to enjoy more tennis time.  Note that Friday evening will be an open time, for male, female or junior members as well as for non-members. Saturday morning will also be open except in the event of a tournament.  Once our Clinics are finished, likely after July 4, Thursday evenings will become another Mixed Doubles night for club members.

May 25, 2013: We had a beautiful, sunny, breezy afternoon for our Meet and Greet Tournament today.  New and returning members came out in record numbers.  As usual, the games on the courts and the conversations on the sidelines were lively and fun.  Big THANKS go out to Karl for setting the matches up while everyone talked and laughed around him and for keeping the timers going and the scores straight.  THANKS as well to Alyson for keeping us hydrated and happy with an ideal selection of drinks, fruit and goodies.  When the percentages were all tallied, Foo, Richard, Carol and Russ were the players who came out with the highest scores. They got a rousing round of applause for their efforts and the chance to  choose first from the prize table.  For photos of the fun, click here.

May 22, 2013: This is a message for any men who planned to play this Sunday, May 26th during the regularly scheduled "Men's Morning".  For Sunday May 26th ONLY, we've had to change the schedule.  The courts are needed for Junior Lessons from 10:00am until 1:00pm. The courts might also be in use for the remainder of Sunday afternoon if our Meet and Greet Tournament is rained out on Saturday. We are notifying you now hoping that in spite of the change, you will still be able to make arrangements to enjoy a 'Men's Time' this weekend.  Keep in mind that the courts will still be available until 10:00am on Sunday and for this week only, due to the unavoidable switch in Junior time, the courts will also be available for men all of Friday evening. Please accept our apologies for this one-time change.  We'll wish for good weather for this busy tennis weekend.

May 18, 2013:, May 25th is the day of our Meet and Greet tournament but it is also a special day for OTA members (that's us) who might happen to be in the area of either of the "Merchant of Tennis" locations -1621 Bayview Ave. in Toronto or the Oakville location (Olde Oakville Market Place, 361 Cornwall Road).  Deals and 'freebies' are awaiting you as long as you take your OTA card with you. If you didn't receive an OTA card at registration, or if you didn't keep your card from last year, you can get one from Marianne. Go to to find out more about benefits that come from being an OTA member.

May 11, 2013:   May Meet and Greet Tournament Plans Our First FUN, adult, doubles tournament of the season is scheduled for Saturday, May 25th at 1:00pm, with a rain date of Sunday, May 26 at 1:00.  Be sure to arrive 15 minutes ahead to give us a chance to set up matches and to give yourself a chance to warm up.

May 9, 2013: New this year, we've reserved the courts on Saturday mornings for an additional time slot (as well as Friday evenings) for junior lessons.  It's encouraging to have so many juniors to accommodate! April 21, 2013:  A warm welcome to Jon Martindale who is now our instructor for the juniors. 

Gary Orpana is still with us and has exciting plans for adult clinics (click here for Gary's description).

Membership Registration
was held on Thursday, April 18, 2013 from 4-7pm and on Saturday, April 20 from 9:30 until 12:30 at the Brighton Town Hall (in the lobby outside the Public Library).  For Membership Registration information and a copy of the 2013 Schedule, click here

Junior Membership:  32 + 3 OTA fees= $35
Adult Membership: 50 + 10 OTA fees = $60
Family Membership = $100 + applicable OTA fees

Questions about adult membership may be directed to Marianne 613-475-3244

For questions about Individual Adult Lessons, contact Gary 905-344-7300

Also - Give Gary a call if you have a tennis racquet that needs stringing.








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