Brighton Tennis Club  

King Edward Park, Brighton Ontario

Here's How We Play

(during most scheduled club times)

Sometimes new members wonder how we organize our play, particularly during our Mixed Doubles mornings and evenings.

Players usually begin arriving at 9:00 for mornings, 7:00 for evenings, but players arriving later are quickly included. You can arrive late and leave early or vice versa... it's a drop-in/drop-out style of play.

Partners are arranged on the spot, changing frequently because once a game is complete, the server goes off the court and a waiting player rotates onto the receiving 'Ad' side.  The former receiving side 'Ad' player moves to play on the receiving deuce court, while that player moves around the net to the 'Ad' court of the serving side where the 'Ad' player has shifted to be the server....and so it goes...  If this sounds confusing, don't worry, veteran club players will gladly point the way.  This format always seems to lead to a lively variety of partners and opponents.  

Sometimes, if there are exactly 4 or 8 people at the courts, everyone will agree to play a set. 

Please note: We have a guest/ give it a try/ drop-in player policy.  

Any non-member who wants to join in on our club times on an occasional basis may simply pay $5 per visit

to any one of our committee members who happens to be on the courts.  

If it turns out that the guest/occasional player decides to join our club, the $5 will be deducted from our registration fee. How reasonable is that?!

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