Brighton Tennis Club

 A few photos from our 2012 Annual General Meeting & End of the Year Gathering (Apologies from your unofficial photographer- our kitchen meeting was so lively that it couldn't be left long enough to retrieve the camera; as a result, many equally photogenic members of our club were not captured this year.

- "Better late than never" The first 3 pictures were sent from Annie's mobile shortly after our gathering. It just took awhile to get around to uploading them. They are more evidence of a fun evening.  Perhaps when you see Sharon, you can ask her for a suitable caption for the first photo    






It looks like this hot tub is in the middle of an enchanted forest and Anu has fallen under its spell.  Sally must be pointing at the wizard.


Anu seems fully recovered now.


Tennis season is over.  These poor, sad folks have somehow managed to move on.


There were pool sharks downstairs, too.


This place even has live music!


 A few tough looking characters with their backs against the wall.