Brighton Tennis Club AGM October 14, 2011

It was a wonderful evening to be a Brighton Tennis Club member.  A lively bunch gathered at Gary's house (or should we say, Gary's Spa) for munching, mingling, music making, massage and oh, yes, for our meeting.   A big thanks to Gary for 'cleaning up' his place for us once again.  It is such an ideal venue with so much comfortable space and a gorgeous view of the fall colours. The burgers even seem to taste better in that house on the hill.  Speaking of burgers, it was Alyson who graciously coordinated all of the delicious food.  As treasurer, Bryan has been tracking our finances and prepared official statements to share. Karl worked his way through the Annual General Meeting agenda, acknowledging contributions by Marianne, Mike J., Dennis and Kathryn while fielding questions and discussion about our visions for the club from the many active members who were there.  According to our club, tennis is a team sport!

Lots of folks, lots of food, lots of fun.


 Smiles for a job well done, social coordinator.


We're encouraging our future tennis stars...



Why is this woman smiling? A chair like this could put physiotherapists out of business!

 Who knew about all this hidden talent within our club?  Move over Eric Clapton.

 Good teachers include visual aids with their presentations. Fortunately for us the fireplace wasn't going.

 The guitar has been set aside, the chair programming console has been turned off - It's time for serious business and we're still smiling.

This season is drawing to a close but we're all thinking about ways to have another great tennis year in 2012.