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The Brighton Tennis Club

King Edward Park, Elizabeth Street, Brighton Ontario

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An important reminder: Wet courts can lead to injuries.  Even after it has stopped raining, tennis courts stay slippery until the surface dries. In the event of wet conditions, lessons and tournaments will be rescheduled.

Schedule for the 2017 Season

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

 Men's Morning

Mixed Doubles  Mixed Doubles    Mixed Doubles    Mixed Doubles 

Adult Lessons 



Mixed Doubles Women's Night

Men's Night

Mixed Doubles 

Junior Members' Time  

Brighton Tennis Club

The above court times are booked for members of the club; remaining times are available for non-members.

Guests and Drop-In Players' Policy: Members who wish to bring a guest during any club time may do so at a cost of $5 per visit.  If the guest decides to join the club, this fee will be deducted from the membership fee. The $5 fee also applies to any individual who would like to join in on club times on an occasional basis.  

The evening / weekend schedule may be changed in the event of a tournament. Please watch for announcements on the bulletin board at the courts or on this website.

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Here's How

We Play

Many of our members gathered for our annual Meet and Greet Tournament on a cool, windy day in May 2015                   

We have two lit courts in King Edward Park. Come out and play!

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